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Do you drive like a pro?

Driving as we know is no ride in the park. Though for some of us it may seem like a task we could do quite easily. Which is why when people are asked to rate themselves as drivers on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being nah and 10 being hell yeah! Most people rate themselves as a 6 or 7. This is because we tend to perceive ourselves better than others on road. However, sometimes it gets tough to measure how well or poorly one drives, but there are certain traits that can tell you drive like a beautiful swan in the lake.

Here’s a list of things you probably do as a pro driver:

Staying calm – with or without the storm!

Hooting, noisy cars and bikes, pollution, traffic and pedestrians unaware of their surroundings are just some of the things that can grind our gears. Having all these factors not only provoke road rage, but also makes us forget driving! But if you’re able to stay calm even after all hell breaks loose – driving pro much?


You are aware

Being aware of speed, distance, direction and the size of your car as well as other cars around you is a sign of a good driver. When you’re equipped with this information you are most likely to make better decisions and better determining the speed, accelerating, braking and when and how to turn.

giphy (1)

Panicking – what’s that?

Imagine a huge truck rolling up towards you, do you start panicking or decide you want to deal with the solution like a hero? Most accidents depend on the way people react to their situation. In most cases, panic is the common factor for irrational decisions leading to accidents. So when in doubt – absolutely do not panic!

giphy (2).gif

Confusing signals

Communicating with fellow drivers or pedestrians is a must – but what’s ideal is the right kind of communication. Making sure you’re honking, showing parking indicators, tail lights, headlights, turning lights properly. Knowing what and when to give these signals is what can really improve the way you commute on the road!

giphy (3)

Safety first

Knowing one’s limits as a driver is a must and operating within those limits is what makes you a pro. This also includes knowing the limitations of your car as well as following safety practices like wearing seat belt, following traffic rules etc.

giphy (4)


If you’re one to maintain your car regularly – then you’re surely a pro. Understanding the needs of your car to function well and even more so to function safely is one of the most important things.

giphy (5).gif

So the next time you’re out driving, pay attention to these things to know if you’re a pro at driving! You can use the Nimble app to help you understand your drive better!

Happy safe driving!

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