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The psychology of driving

Driving as a whole requires and takes up a lot of your brain while you’re at it. There are many things we do subconsciously just like we would while drinking a glass of water or even chewing food. While driving however, we tend to behave differently than we usually do.

Here are 5 reasons we drive the way we do:


You may find yourself raging behind the wheel even though you are calm in nature. This happens because of the concept of anonymity. As per Erico Slotter, a social psychologist at the Villanova University, we tend to feel anonymous when we are in the car. This gives us the leverage to act differently or react in ways we may not in person.


According to studies, drivers between the ages of 65 – 69 are 1.45 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than those that are aged between 40 – 49. Besides this, the concept of drunk – and – drive is quite famous among youngsters as they tend to be more enthusiastic. Accidents are also found to be common among people aged 15 – 35, numbers being as high as 75,048 deaths compared to 49,840 deaths for the age group 35 – 65.


Distractions may be varied in nature, this can involve listening to music, talking to a friend while driving, using your phone etc… when we engage ourselves into multiple things, our brain starts concentrating on too many things at once which leads to less concentration on the road. Almost 17 people die every hour on Indian roads, out of which, about 30% of people admitted they check their messages or social media platforms while riding their bikes, or cars. These stats lead up to a shocking 5000 deaths each year caused due to distracted driving.


Stress is also a factor that influences the way people drive. When one’s brain is preoccupied with things to do, emotional issues or stress at work, people tend to forget what they’re doing and get consumed into their thoughts. This obviously doesn’t end well as it can lead to fatal injuries and accidents. About 1.35 lakh accidents happen due to negligent driving, which could be caused by various reasons of stress. It is clear that driving while troubled can in fact be fatal.

Influence of drugs/alcohol

Under the influence of drugs, one seizes to think and make decisions rationally. This is obviously unhealthy for driving as you’re unable to understand what’s going on the road. Some drugs tend to slow down your perception which can cause you to create accidents. As per reports, cities which have banned alcohol have found that there are fewer cases where drunk driving is the cause compared to cities where alcohol isn’t banned. As many as 42% of victims of drunk driving end up dead — a much higher rate than the percentage of deaths in accidents caused by “over-speeding” (30%), “reckless driving” (33%), and weather conditions (36%).

Putting all these into consideration, there is also the fact that when we drive, we often disregard other drivers, we see them as “cars” on the road rather than “people driving”. This impacts the way we behave, we start blaming others and neglect our mistakes.

Getting solutions is easy when we understand the problem. Driving and driving behavior is something that needs to be understood and analyzed in order to make our roads safer and our driving better. To get a better understanding of the same, Nimble provides its users with analytics to understand in-depth, their drive.

Next time you’re on the road don’t rage, simply be Nimble!

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