Driving App

Is it us or the roads?

India is home to the world’s second-largest road network, the roads we all use to drive to work, drop our kids off or on the way home. According to studies, 49% of people in India spend at least 12 hours or more than 100 minutes behind the wheel every day.

That’s a lot more than other countries in comparison. When we tend to spend most of our time on the roads, are we really safe those 12 hours of the day or night? A lot of points go into consideration while determining how safe or unsafe being on the road is.

Nearly eight in ten accidents are said to be caused by drivers, with 62% of those blamed on speeding. So what exactly is it that causes our roads to be so dangerous? Here’s some food for thought:

When driving, we tend to change the way we behave. This concept comes about due to feeling of anonymity while driving. Studies show that feeling anonymous can alter the way we behave as we are less likely to be held accountable for these actions.

We play the blame game most of the time. Blaming or holding the other person account for situations on the road is almost a natural instinct. We don’t accept our mistakes and overlook the way we drive personally as we often think the other person knows less.

Overestimating ourselves causes most atrocities in life – even when it comes to driving. When driving, you’re required to focus and pay attention to your surroundings though sometimes we believe we have mastered the art of driving entirely which makes us loosen up and defocus on the process of driving, of course leading to accidents.

Maybe the problem isn’t the roads after all? You’d be surprised to know how much your driving plays a part in keeping you and others safe on the road more than any other external factors. So how do we understand the way we drive?


A simple app that helps you understand your drive better. When you understand something entirely, it becomes easy for you to put your actions and consequences into perspective. If each person becomes self-aware of the way they drive rather than telling them how to or how they must, won’t it be better?

When driving, there are a couple of factors one must consider; of course are there any road signs, rules, and the traffic lights. But what tops it all is the way they drive. Are they speeding too much too suddenly? Are there any sudden brakes? Are there any swift turns? Or does the person simply accelerate like they just had an adrenaline rush?

So next time you hit the road, think to yourself – is it the roads or is it you?

Safe driving!

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