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5 Reasons Nimble is a superhero of the roads

Ever wish there was a superhero for Indian Roads?! A friend who could help you drive better and help you understand your driving behavior?

Look no further!! “This looks like a job for Nimble”

Meet the new superhero of the roads – Nimble, an app that helps you drive safer, smarter, and sharper. Your pocket-size personal superhero who helps you learn and understand your driving , provides inputs on how you drive and helps you improve by the means of a (first of its kind) – Drive Score.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to team up with Nimble –

Trust is the glue of life                                                                         

Trust among your friends, team or colleagues is important, failing which misgivings and unjustified dislike may arise and compromise your productivity. It’s backed by tech to provide inputs which will help you drive on roads skillfully and stay safe. Like any true team player, you can trust Nimble to help you learn and help you develop into a driver others can trust.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!

Being responsible is one of the biggest assets of being a Superhero and most importantly that of a friend. Nimble may be an app, but it responsibly provides you with accurate information to help you make the right decisions and drive in the best way possible. It’s programmed to account for any errors and present you with the right facts you need to understand and better your drive. It takes responsibility to help you stay and be responsible for how you drive.

Honesty is the best policy

Nimble loves you but won’t lie to you; it will always give you the stats you need to know rather than what you would love to show. Like any superhero – it also understands your limitations and adjusts for it. Always trying to get the best out of you, it honestly mirrors how you drive by giving out the apt Drive Score!

The pillar of greatness is being organized

Nimble comes with a user-friendly interface that’s been gamified for ease of use, better engagement and understanding. The interface has all the stats, organized well so you don’t have to go searching for them. Get all the information you need about how you drove in one place – nicely organized – at a click of a button. Organized information helps you get organized on the roads.

Stand Up for a Cause

Nimble lives by the epithet – Be the change that you wish to see in the (driving) world

Like any other superhero out there Nimble doesn’t just post a mission statement; it actually does what’s on that statement–Help you understand your driving and drive Safer, Smarter, Sharper – all in an effort to reduce road related incidents and make roads safer for driving.

Nimble rewards you for driving safer, smarter and sharper. Higher Drive Scores translate to rewards and more importantly safer drives…one safe driver on the roads leads to a chain reaction of safer drivers in turn making the roads safer.

So time to get your android phones out and join the newest superhero on the block, on a mission to make roads safer. Join his team, get your friends along to compete, challenge and fight to be the best driver out there with Nimble.

Let us know your Nimble Drive Score in the comments!

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