Driving recklessly in Mumbai ? 5 steps to clear your e-challan

Next time you jump a traffic light or violate zebra crossing in Mumbai, be ready for an instant notification for a traffic violation. 
Mumbai traffic police has launched the CCTV challan system where more than 4500 cameras will closely monitor driving violations and generate e-challans. Get more than 4 e-challans and you run the risk of a suspended license.

Here is the step by step walkthrough for first timers

1 – Click on this link, post which you will be taken to the page displayed below


2 – Click on the highlighted Yellow banner “Connect to Secured Online Payment Portal”

3 – As present on the screen displayed below, Enter vehicle number


3 – After submitting your vehicle number, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number for OTP


4 – After submitting OTP, you will be taken to the summary page


Voila, you can see breakup for all traffic violations that have been captured on the CCTV Cameras by Mumbai Police.

5 – You can pay the dues via CCAvenues, Vodafone Pay and Paytm

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Get to know more about e-challans here

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